06 September, 2010

Mina 1998-2010

My beloved cat Mina passed away on Friday night. She had the later stages of lymphoma. I adopted her in Denver in 2004. She had broken teeth and a bad hip--BBs lodged in her rear--so there was some abuse in her past. She had stunning bright green eyes, soft black fur, and a funny short tail. She never stopped purring-- sounding a bit like a cooing pigeon. She slept on my head most night. She was very affectionate, and followed me around the house. I'm devastated she is gone. Thank you Mina for being in my life.


RStoddard said...

Sorry Richard. xoRebecca

Gary Norris said...

i didn't see this until today. very sad. i miss my cat everyday.

Danielle said...

Just saw this post Richard. I'm so sorry about Mina. You were a wonderful cat-friend/dad-type person to her!