29 March, 2013

Super Community (3.13.13 - 3.29.13)

Artist Jamie Grill's painting of antibiotic-resistant super gonorrhea


the concept
the word

Is one fortunate enough to find oneself in dialogue with others who speak the same language, which is to say, who share "values"?


Primary: that the presumed goal of community is wrong and probably cannot be attained. The latter because individual vision challenges what has previously existed as a factor (agreed upon image) for unity.


Is one fortunate enough to find oneself in dialogue with those who are "open" to the language of one?

Open does not mean persuadable. Openness is a kind of hearing with enthusiasm.


 Individual vision, when it's first presented, must be perceived as a threat, actually as something promoting disunity.


With hairlike structures that extend from the cell surface, [super gonorrhea] scavenges DNA that has been cast loose by the death or dissolution of other microbes, and incorporates them into its own DNA.


How much of community is a consequence of chance and intersection, and how much of it has one built?

If one has little agency in building community, and community does not speak one's language, nor is community open to enthusiastically hearing (and not necessarily being persuaded but open to being influenced or happily defining itself against one's language), then what is one's relationship to such a community?

It is exhausting to speak one's language to those who are not open.

One does not want to proselytize.

It is exhausting to audit resistance.

Middle ground is simply the encounter and not the exchange.  Never confuse contact or encounter as exchange. These are very different activities.

And then it becomes clear that one is better expressed as you.


Yes, you don't want to be angry or disillusioned. You thank Scott for saying to hang in there.To hang in there is to be suspended above the fray.


Agamben, in The Coming Community, sees community as linguistic. In Agamben, you learn Dante classifies human languages by their way of saying yes.


One bottle of "Nice!" Spring Water says "Source": 

Sugar Pine Spring (Sugar Pine, CA), White Meadow Spring (Pacific House, CA), Baxter Natural Spring Water (Baxter, CA)


Sections 2 and 4: John Taggart, "Code of Signals: 12.31.82" from Code of Signals: Recent Writings in Poetics, ed. Michael Palmer

Section 5: Jerome Groopman, "Sex and the Superbug: The Rise of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea." The New Yorker, Oct. 1, 2012.


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